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Trade io Protects TIO Holders And  Effectively Contains Breach of Cold Storage Wallet

Trade io Protects TIO Holders And  Effectively Contains Breach of Cold Storage Wallet


Trade io

At 08:40 EST 20 October 2018, the security group was cautioned to an expansive exchange beginning from our wallet holding 50M Exchange Tokens (TIO) claimed by held for the liquidity pool. Quickly following the caution, our exchange checking watched unusual exchanging of TIO on outside trades. These trades were promptly cautioned to incapacitate stores/withdrawals and exchanging of TIO, and our security group started its examination. The responsiveness by the different groups inside kept the circumstance from weakening and helped isolate the issue.



At no time was the trade or liquidity pool got to or influenced, and both stay operational. The rupture was restricted to one specific equipment wallet that was acquired straightforwardly from the maker. Subsequently, no client accounts were specifically influenced, or client finances lost. Examinations are continuous, yet have so far inferred that there was no specialized hack on the chilly stockpiling unit, and frameworks stay secure and unbreached. There is additionally nothing to demonstrate robbery by inside on-screen characters.

Alongside the supervisory group, both KuCoin and Bancor reacted quickly and are helping in our examination and have found a way to isolate the related exchanges.

We are effectively finding a way to additionally secure the circumstance, and keep some other potential effect.

Because of the episode, The board has chosen to fork TIO. The name of the forked token will be Exchange Token X with the ticker TIOx, like TIO it will be an ERC-20 token. Subtle elements of the fork are relied upon to be discharged soon.

In conclusion, while this security break has been a bother, we are cheerful to report again that no customer resources were lost and we’re satisfied with how effective and responsive our whole group acted following the rupture. We’ve been overpowered with the positive reaction from our customers which we warmly call TIOnauts, and can’t say thanks to them enough for their help and well wishes as we proceed with this extraordinary development.

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